Neelum Saran Gour

'She seems to be a decidedly serious artist, with a wide range of sympathies for her characters.... She conveys human sufferings as they arise in social and cultural contexts in a simple but refreshing and alluring style.'

Fuzail Jafferey in Metropolis,

(Sep 1993 about "Grey Pigeon and other Stories")


'Gour is a composed writer with a sure sense of the language and a keen understanding of the human mind.' 

Biswadeep Ghosh in The Economic Times,

(Jun 1994 about "Grey Pigeon and other Stories")


'An exquisite collection of short stories written with delicacy and humour. The author uses the language of restraint to devastating effect, whether it is to make a point, elaborate a character's trait or describe a situation... Written with wit, wisdom and understanding of human vulnerabilities,  Grey Pigeon and other Stories is recommended for those who value good reading.'

Gentleman, (Aug 1993)