Invisible Ink

Published by HarperCollins

Pages : 217

Price Rs. 299

Also available as an e-book

As youngsters in Bulbul Kothi, Allahabad, Rekha and Amina shared much: dolls, gossip, 
bits of adult-only knowledge. Perhaps nothing would have changed if Rekha's affair with
Danish-bhai had not ended in bitterness and heartbreak. Now, after what seems like an 
eternity, they are back in each other's lives and they long to put the past to rest but
can they? The age of cell phones, communal tension and terrorism exhumes the secrets they 
buried, revealing the brutal truth about what they once considered a simpler time.
Neelum Saran Gour's loving narrative traces the journey of two friends in their search for
closure and for a place 'where things are slow to change, where one could still find someone
unchanged' for one thing is clear: their lives are now irrevocably altered. Recalling the famed Ganga-Jamuni culture of Allahabad, the novel brings to life the multiple ways in which communities lived intermeshed lives in a part of India known for its shared civilization.

Three Rivers and a Tree - The Story of Allahabad University

Published by Rupa and Company
Pages : 370
Price Rs. 295
Also available as an e-book.

You don’t have to be an alumnus of Allahabad University to be drawn to its living narrative. History, iconic personalities, anecdotes and vibrant campus lore constitute this lively recounting of the story of one of India’s great heritage institutions whose tale intersects the larger chronicle of a nation coming into its own.

Allahabad Aria - Stories about Allahabad

Published by Rupa and Company
Pages : 188
Price Rs. 195
Also available as an e-book.

A mischievous diarist records the crazy escapades of bureaucrats, diplomats, jurists and 
captains of industry during their student days in Allahabad. A Mughal princess and 
a betel-seller collaborate to protect Jehangir's eldest son, Prince Khusrau.
A modest jeweller experiences the warmth of family bonding in a serendipitous meeting
of allies at the Kumbha Mela. The last telegram of Allahabad becomes the last testament of love from a man who has lost his speech.And a young man relives the tortured love that he shared with his long dead alcoholic father.

Acclaimed author Neelum Saran Gour spins eight irresistible stories that celebrate her city, Allahabad, its nostalgic memorabilia and its lively idiosyncracies.

Neelum Saran Gour