Neelum Saran Gour

'Her roots are strong, genuine. Her remembrance of things past is radiantly realized; her English plain and straightforward without being heavy and dull. Speaking of '62 affectionately analyses the irresponsible fantasies of childhood in the background of the Chinese invasion of India in 1962... . Plenty of frolic here and plenty of thought - provoking asides presented by unforgettable characters through Neelum's inspired, bubbly humour. Neelum can prick the bubbles of pride and pomposity with finesse... .
India (has) need of such novelists who present a realistic apprehension of its variegated life. For despite the iridescent humour in Neelum's pen, she knows when to stop and enter the adult world... . The war 'remains like a coin dropped long ago in the backwaters of the mind'. Now this brilliant retrieval.'

Prema NandaKumar in Deccan Herald, (Jan 1996)

'The tale is told in elegant language with poetic descriptions.'

Saag Aggarwal in Femina,

(March 1996 on "Speaking of '62")